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Kathy Firebaugh
Kathy is a decorative artist and certified instructor for the Donna Dewberry One-Stroke technique. Her displayed works in shows include: hand-painted mailboxes, hand-painted framed beveled mirrors, some framed fine art, and on occasion, glassware (wine glasses, pitchers, vases, etc). The medium is mixed, predominantly acrylic. Each painted item is made permanent by using the proper fixative for that kind of surface. This technique can be used on almost any surface. Themes vary and are versatile - (Floral, Animals, Birds, Scenery, Still Life, etc.).

Previously, Kathy provided artwork for Christmas cards at Norfolk Southern Corporation, won several purchase awards, and won first place in a Roanoke Times & World News art contest.

Occasionally, between shows and time permitting, Kathy teaches private classes in the Donna Dewberry - One-Stroke method. Other areas of work include decorative themes in private homes, murals on walls, wood, glass, furniture, fabrics, etc.

Kathy is a member of the Craftsmen's Classics Arts and Crafts Festivals and a member of the Virginia Mountains Crafts Guild.

The History or Story Behind My Site
Kathy Firebaugh resides in Bonsack, VA. She has been married to husband, Tommy, a well-know photographer, since 1965. Together, they have one son, Jayson, who is a commercial captain with Jet Blue. Jayson and wife Angie have one child - Brandon. They reside in Ashley Plantation North of Roanoke. If you know Kathy then you know that painting is her passion but you also know that her family is first and foremost in her life. They are the wind beneath her wings. Kathy gives God the credit for all things.

Many years ago my husband Tommy had faith in my desire to own and operate a beauty salon. Now he has faith in my artistic endeavors. Tommy is an incredible artist and photographer and my very best friend. His help and support have made my ultimate dream come true - to paint for you.

To my sister, Sandy Bowling, who assists me with mural projects and what ever else we dream up next... Thank you from the bottom of my heart..

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