Walls, Murals, Borders
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Recent Murals
Here you will view some recent murals. There are some before and after shots as well as some in singular specified areas. Thank you to all the clients who have allowed me the honor and pleasure of painting for them.

<<< DeHaven Home in North Roanoke County
It was great fun to begin with a large blank space.
A little time - A little paint, great fun - Whew! All Done! >>>
Wall surface in corner of laminate material. This African Grey was lonely and needed some friends.
Why not a tropical scene. This African Grey Parrott named Clippie seemed very pleased...She even said thank you!
Let's move on to a kitchen area.....Looks nice but how about a colorful change!
From floral to fruit in a flash!
This corner close-up allows the warmth and richness of the cabinets to emerge.
Accessories may be added as well.
The pattern was replicated on the shade of this candlestick lamp. Other items such as towels, place mats, napkins, are just a few other ideas for accessories.

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