Walls, Murals, Borders ... Continued
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Here are some more kitchen photos.

Time to remove the wallpaper and apply decorative painting!

So --- What do you think?
Opening from kitchen to great room...
The Welcome sign serves as a focal point upon entering from laundry area.
This corner space was just perfect for a small image.
Faux finishing was applied to walls in specific areas prior to decorative painting. Some areas were left untreated to create interest and high contrast.
Garden Tub
The tub was all white and lacked interest. The owner wished to match the green in the tile. He also wanted a masculine touch, thus the rope design.
Another Kitchen Doorway
Owner wished to compliment color in wallpaper. The bird houses seemed to be the answer.
All Finished --- She was more than happy with the change
BG's Hair Salon - Vinton, VA
These walls had a rough finish. The color of the wall is light gray and there are some mauve fixtures in this shampoo area of the salon.
This Pot and Tree or Vine Filled in the Blank Area Nicely.
Another Blank Wall - Just Waiting!
This Spot Near The Woodwork Needed A Little Spice!
Note - This is done on the same area as pictured above. Looks different doesn't it?
Opps! Caught In The Act!
Hi Jeff Walker Of The Vinton Messenger!
Jeff is actually sitting on a ladder. We're both about six feet above the floor. I'm standing on a 6-inch ledge on top of the shampoo basin area. Wow! Glad it was sturdy enough! I was so into it, I didn't even see Jeff.....
A "Little Birdie Told Me!"