This and That...
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Here You Will Find Any Number Of Different Things
You will find a various surfaces such as glass, wood, mirrows, etc.
Who knows what we'll show you here!

My 23 Year Old Pet Cocker-Poo Crossed Over in 1998
Ever try to find a pet memorial? We looked and looked for one.
Too much money was the answer!

I decided to make my own. This has been outside for a couple of years now and is holding up well!
Looks Like The Idea Caught On! I'm Still Creating Pet Memorials..
It's a sad thing - but there's a need for this!
This Is A Hand-Painted Mirror
The angle is somewhat strange in order to keep the reflection at a minimum.
Mirrors are very difficult to photograph. You have to see these in person....
How About A Candle Lamp And A Couple Of Candles In Hand-Painted Glass Containers?
Remember - Glass is highly reflective and hard to photograph....
Decorative Screens Are Fun To Create!
These screens may be used as fireplace screens. Smaller ones can be used on counter tops as appliance screens or just to enjoy anywhere! Sizes can vary as well as patterns!